Our sand sculptures can be built indoors or outside. We reach heights in sand that defy the laws of physics. Our sculptures will have people coming back for more to see how it is done and what is coming next.

Time and time again our sculptures are sure to increase foot traffic and attendance to any event. They are a media magnet and are outstanding works of art due to our professional dedication, uniqueness and the quality of our work.

Sand sculpting is very much a performance art which is a key factor in keeping people at the event. They will tell their friends and keep them coming back again and again.

Commission Sanding Ovations for your next:

Corporate event
Company function
Product promotion
Ribbon Cutting
Ground Breaking
Grand Opening
State Fair
Team Building event

It will be a huge success and something they will be talking about for a long time.


We use many factors when estimating the cost of your sand sculpture. Just a few are:

Indoors or outside?
How long will it take to create?

Every sculpture is original and unique. No two are ever the same. For this reason it is impossible to give an accurate estimate without knowing more details about your particular event.

Please drop us a quick email so we can begin discussion on your personal sand sculpture.