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Who Lives On Tarpon Island Palm Beach? (Perfect answer)

I want this house to be a home for Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg.” You will have the opportunity to be at Palm Beach on your very own private island once in a lifetime,” says the owner. In accordance with public documents, William M. Toll and his wife, Eileen, are the sellers of 10 Tarpon Isle.

Who owns Tarpon Island in Palm Beach?

The mansion and Tarpon Island are owned by private investor William M. Toll and his wife, Eileen, who purchased the property in 1998 for a documented $7.6 million. Courthouse documents show that the couple paid a total of $7.6 million for the property. The Tolls, who have links to New Jersey, have the Tarpon Island property homesteaded according to the most recent tax records.

Is Tarpon Island man-made?

For more over two decades, the Sellers have owned the island. Tarpon Island, which covers 2.27 acres and is located immediately east of Everglades Island in the Estate Section, was purchased by the Tolls for $7.6 million in 1998. It is the largest man-made island in the world.

How was Tarpon Island built?

The island was created by humans and has been around for more than 80 years. Dredging teams excavated the rectangular island in the Intracoastal Waterway west of Palm Beach in the 1930s, and it has been there ever since. The property, which is 2.27 acres and has around 1,300 feet of shoreline on all four sides, totals approximately 1,300 feet in total.

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Where is Tarpon Island in Palm Beach?

Tarpon Island is a barrier island off the coast of Palm Beach County. Tarpon Island is located northeast of Cloud Lake and near to Everglades Island, making it a popular tourist destination.

Who is Todd Michael Glaser?

Todd is a developer. Michael Glaser is a native of Miami and a well-known developer who has built a name for himself with projects such as the 1000 Museum in downtown Miami. Glaser and his partners recently acquired a house in Indian Creek for $23.8 million, which was their most recent acquisition.

Who is William toll?

Acronis’s Head of Product Marketing, William Toll, may be found on LinkedIn.

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