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Where Is Walton Beach Florida? (Solution found)

  • Fort Walton Beach is a city located in southern Okaloosa County in the state of Florida, United States of America. For instance, the United States Census Bureau estimates that the population of Fort Walton Beach was 19,992 in 2005, and that the population of Fort Walton Beach is 18,880 in 2008.

What major city is near Fort Walton Beach FL?

Wright, Florida. Destin, Florida; Niceville, Florida

Is Fort Walton Beach a nice area?

It is a beautiful city generally, but a large portion of it is neglected, with a large amount of rubbish alongside the roadways in some sections. Fort Walton Beach is a small community with a laid-back atmosphere. Despite the fact that it is a little behind the times in terms of technological growth, it is a wonderful area to raise a family.

Is Fort Walton Beach Florida a nice place to live?

This beach community is located in Okaloosa County and is considered to be one of the greatest locations to live in Florida. Living in Fort Walton Beach provides inhabitants with a thick suburban atmosphere, and the vast majority of residents are homeowners. There are several pubs, restaurants, and parks to choose from in Fort Walton Beach. The public schools in Fort Walton Beach have received excellent ratings.

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Is Fort Walton Beach and Destin the same?

It is located in Okaloosa County and is considered to be one of the nicest locations to live in Florida. Those who choose to live in Fort Walton Beach will enjoy a thick suburban atmosphere, with the majority of inhabitants owning their own house. There are several pubs, restaurants, and parks to choose from in Fort Walton Beach. Generally speaking, the public schools in Fort Walton Beach are excellent.

What airport do you fly into for Fort Walton Beach Florida?

What airports are in close proximity to Fort Walton Beach? In terms of airports, the nearest is Valparaiso Destin-Ft Walton Beach (VPS) (6.2 mi). Other nearby airports are Destin (DSI), which is 8.93 miles away, Pensacola (PNS), which is 33.96 miles away, and Panama City NW Florida Beaches (ECP) (49.06 mi).

Is Fort Walton Beach Clear Water?

It is a lot of fun to go to the beach in Destin-Fort Walton Beach, and it may be a relaxed or even an exciting adventure. Come out and play in the crystal-clear waters or soak up some rays on the warm sand at any of the public beach access locations, but remember to follow the beach flag warning system and safety requirements at all times.

Is Fort Walton Beach safe for families?

Fort Walton Beach is ranked in the 36th percentile for safety, which means that 64 percent of cities are safer and 36 percent of cities are more dangerous than the city in which it is located. The scope of this investigation is limited to the proper limits of Fort Walton Beach. During a typical year, the rate of crime in Fort Walton Beach is 32.93 crimes per 1,000 people living there.

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What is there to do in Fort Walton Beach at night?

The best nighttime activities in and around Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548

  • HarborWalk Adventures is 6.5 miles away
  • Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone is 2.5 miles away
  • The Green Door Music Hall is 1.6 miles away
  • and more attractions are in the surrounding area.
  • The Emerald Coast Science Center.
  • The Gulffarium Marine Adventure Park.
  • The Mary Esther Bingo Hall.
  • The Aj’s Oyster Shanty.
  • The Noah Heather Present Maximum Magic at HarborWalk Theater.

Which part of Florida is best to live in?

Top places to live in Florida in 2021 according to Money magazine

  1. Naples. Naples, Florida, is located in the southwest region of the state, near the Gulf of Mexico, and is the best area to reside in Florida. Melbourne, Jacksonville, Pensacola, Tampa Bay, Fort Myers, Port St. Lucie, Sarasota, and more cities in Florida

How big is Fort Walton Beach FL?

The City of Fort Walton Beach is now under a Hurricane Watch, which indicates that hurricane-force winds are possible over the next 48 hours in the area.

Which beach has the clearest water in Florida?

Reasons why Destin’s beaches have the purest water in all of Florida Whenever surveys are conducted to determine which area has the purest water in Florida, the Emerald Coast in northwest Florida regularly comes out on top. Destin, Miramar Beach, and all of the lovely coastal communities along South Walton’s Scenic 30A, as well as Panama City Beach, are all included in this prestigious designation of clarity.

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Why is Destin so popular?

Destin, located in Northwest Florida and nestled against the Gulf of Mexico, is well-known for its sugar-white sands and emerald-colored seas. In addition, Destin is popularly regarded as the “world’s luckiest fishing hamlet” because of the abundance and constant hunger of its undersea inhabitants.

Is Fort Walton Beach Safe?

A person living in Fort Walton Beach has a one-in-41 probability of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime. According to FBI crime statistics, Fort Walton Beach is not one of the safest places to live in the United States. Fort Walton Beach has a crime rate that is greater than that of 66 percent of the state’s cities and municipalities of all sizes when compared to the rest of the state.

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