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Where Is Sugar Beach Maui? (Perfect answer)

  • “Sugar Beach is a lengthy stretch of beach that stretches from Ma’alaea Wharf and the northern end of Kihei,” according to 29 reviews. There is a big stretch of the beach that is next to the Kealia Wildlife Preserve, which is home to a diverse population of Hawaiian bird life. Keep in mind that you are not permitted to drive in the preserve.

How do you get to Sugar Beach Maui?

We’re on our way. If you are coming from Maalaea or Lahaina, follow Route 30 (Honoapiilani Highway) to the east. The first condominium buildings come on your right when you pass through the Route 310 intersection (North Kihei Road). Continue on this road for 2.8 kilometers until you see the second condominium complex.

Can you swim at Sugar Beach Maui?

Sugar Beach Resort is well situated on Maalaea Bay, which has the state’s longest unbroken stretch of shoreline and is easily accessible from all parts of the island. Formed by the fine white sand that makes up its six-mile length, Sugar Beach offers great swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking and canoe paddling opportunities as well as opportunities to simply rest.

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Is Sugar Beach in Maui windy?

Walking, swimming, and snorkeling are all enjoyable activities. However, it was really WINDY, and from what I’ve learned, it’s usually windy there. Plan on spending the mornings there and then leaving for another location in the afternoons.

What is Sugar Beach like in Maui?

Sugar Beach (see panoramic), also known as Kealia Beach, is reputed to be the longest beach on Maui and is ideal for taking a leisurely stroll down the shore. This sandy beach spans for approximately 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) from Haycraft Park in Ma’alaea to north Kihei, beginning at the north end of the island.

What is the longest beach in Maui?

Ka’anapali Beach, on the island of Maui, is the world’s longest beach.

Is Sugar Beach Maui good for kids?

Sugar Beach is a popular tourist destination in the United States (Kihei) It’s a safe environment for children to run around and enjoy splashing in the water. Due to its length and lack of overcrowding, it’s an excellent place for family walks along the beach………………………………………………….

Does Sugar Beach have parking?

Sugar Beach is located off of Queens Quay and Lower Jarvis Street in the heart of the city of Melbourne. This man-made piece of sand, which used to be a parking lot for the Jarvis Street Slip, is located across the street from the Redpath Sugar Refinery and is frequently home to a hulking sugar cargo ship parked in its harbour, which is a sight to behold.

How do you get to Baby beach on Maui?

Walking down Kai Pali Place, which is approximately a quarter of a block to the left after crossing Front St from Kenui St, you will find yourself on the beach. Find the wire container for recycling and the blue “Shoreline Access” sign on the shoreline access path. This is the beginning of the trail that will take you to the seashore.

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How long is Keawakapu beach?

Summary:. The sandy beach stretches for seven miles to the end of Kihei, when the road diverts away from the beachfront. Swimming, lying down, boogie boarding, snorkeling, or simply relaxing in the sun are all possibilities.

Why is Kihei so windy?

The Windward Side That’s where the trade winds come in to make a difference. The West Maui Mountains act as a divider between the winds. This gust of wind eventually releases in Maalaea before circling around the Kihei/Wailea coastlines and back to Maalaea. The Maalaea Harbor and the south coast are particularly susceptible to high winds because of this.

Why does Maui get windy in the afternoon?

Because of its geographical location, Maui is always vulnerable to trade winds. Maui is a Hawaiian island located between the equator and 30 degrees north latitude. The formation of trade winds is caused by the rotation of the Earth. Consequently, due to rotation, the wind blowing from the Northern Hemisphere is forced to tilt southwestward towards the equator, creating a southwesterly wind.

Is Kihei always windy?

Regarding the windy Kihei? On any given day, wind can blow in any direction over the island. Even still, the wind is more stronger in North Kihei/Maalea compared to other parts of the island because the breezes funnel down the mountains and through the flatlands. We have, on the other hand, stayed three times at Sugar Beach, which is directly in the wind zone.

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