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Where Is Ormond Beach Florida Located?

What is there to do in Ormond Beach, Florida?

  • In addition to the Addison Blockhouse Historic State Park and the Andy Romano Beachfront Park in Ormond Beach, there is also Bulow Creek State Park, the Ormond Beach Memorial Art Museum and Gardens, Central Park, La Gourdise French Bakery Pastry, the Tomoka River Paddling Trail, the Ormond Beach Environmental Discovery Center, and the Ormond Brewing Company.

Where is Ormond Beach in relation to Daytona Beach?

Ormond Beach is the first town north of Daytona Beach on Florida’s east coast, and it is the first town north of Daytona Beach in the state of Florida. Part of the town is located on the mainland, and the rest is located across the Halifax River on a barrier island in the Atlantic Ocean.

Is Ormond Beach wealthy?

Ormond Beach had a per capita income of $34,819 in 2018, which is above the middle class in comparison to the rest of Florida and the rest of the US. As an example, this would translate into an annual income of $139,276 for a family of four. Ormond Beach, on the other hand, is home to both extremely affluent and impoverished individuals. Ormond Beach is a city that has a diversified ethnic population.

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Is Ormond Beach close to Miami?

A 250-mile drive separates the beaches of Ormond Beach from those of Miami Beach.

Is Ormond Beach near Tampa?

The driving distance between Tampa and Ormond Beach is 126 miles (198 kilometers). This route is 146 kilometers long on the road.

What is Ormond Beach known for?

Ormond Beach, Florida, is also adjacent to the world-famous Daytona Beach, as well as the world-famous Daytona International Speedway, among other attractions. Ormond Beach is also regarded as the “birthplace of speed” since the area was used as a testing ground for vehicle designers and drivers alike when the municipality was established.

Is Ormond Beach Nice?

Ormond Beach is a pleasant, family-friendly community that offers a variety of entertaining activities and eateries. The beach is beautiful, and the region is a pleasant place to visit and a secure place to live in general. This city is similar to any other city in that it is average.

What airport do you fly into for Ormond Beach Florida?

The nearest major airport is Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB / KDAB), which is located around 20 miles away. Domestic flights are available from Daytona Beach, Florida, and the airport is located 13 miles from the heart of Ormond Beach, Florida.

Is Ormond Beach better than Daytona Beach?

Ormond Beach is a city in Florida. The beach is adequately patrolled, and the sand is well packed, making it ideal for strolling and bicycling in the summertime. As opposed to Daytona Beach, it is more of a family-oriented destination. It’s a favorite among the entire family.

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How far is Disney from Ormond Beach?

The distance between Ormond Beach and Walt Disney World Resort is 69 miles (100 kilometers). 84.1 miles separate the two points on the route.

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