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Where Is Crescent Beach?

  • Crescent Beach is a magnificent piece of Florida coastline located just south of the historic city of St. Augustine. It was given its name because of the natural form of the beach. A variety of activities such as beach bike rides, hikes, frisbee and volleyball may be enjoyed on the hard-packed sand.

Is Crescent Beach in Florida Nice?

A number of beautiful beaches may be found along Florida’s First Coast. Crescent Beach is unquestionably one of the most beautiful in the area. A nice, calm beach, this one will satisfy the needs of everyone seeking for one!!

Can you drive on Crescent Beach in Florida?

The major public beach access leads directly to the ocean, and as a nod to Florida’s bygone era, car driving is permitted on the beach as well (although there are fees and passes required between March 1 and September 30).

Is Crescent Beach Florida Open?

Everything in St. Augustine is now returning to some degree of routine, which is a welcome relief after months of turmoil. There are a plethora of establishments operating and eagerly awaiting your arrival.

What county is Crescent Beach Florida in?

This beach is well-known for its quartz pure sand, which is comparable to that found on its northern sister beach. It’s delicate, soft, and sparkling white, a far cry from the coarse, sand-like texture that many beach-goers are accustomed to. It’s ideal for packing and building sandcastles on the beach.

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Is Crescent Beach white sand?

Crescent Beach features white, deep sand, but Turtle Beach has gray, packed sand with turtle-protected turtle hatching zones. Turtle Beach is located between Crescent and Turtle Beach. Both beaches are breathtakingly beautiful in their own right. Crescent Beach, with its white sand that remains cold even in the heat of the day, is the place to go for beach fun in the sun.

How much does it cost to drive on Crescent Beach?

Augustine and Crescent beaches are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week. Annual passes are $50 for locals, $100 for non-residents, and $40 for handicapped visitors. Parking is free for residents. Vehicles are parked for $10 per day for locals and non-residents, with a $5 surcharge for handicapped and active military.

Is Crescent Beach private?

Due to the fact that Crescent Beach is a privately owned beach, there are no official public access points. Not to worry, there is plenty of street parking just a short walk away if you arrive by car.

Are dogs allowed on Crescent Beach FL?

There are no official public access points to Crescent Beach since it is considered a private beach by the state of California. Not to worry, there is plenty of street parking only a short walk away if you need to park.

Can you still drive on Crescent Beach?

On the beach, vehicles are only permitted to go at a speed of 10 miles per hour. Only southbound traffic is permitted between the A street Ramp and the Crescent Beach Ramp. Between Crescent Beach and the Fort Matanzas Ramp, two-way traffic is permitted on the road. All vehicles are expected to come to a complete stop at all beach ramps and to give way to any pedestrians in the area.

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Can you drink on Crescent Beach?

The beaches of St. Augustine span from Vilano Beach, which is located north of the city, to Crescent Beach, which is located south of the city. Keep in mind that no alcoholic beverages or glass containers are permitted on the beach itself.

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