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Where Is Cocoa Beach Fl? (Solution)

What cities are in close proximity to Cocoa Beach, Florida?

  • Local settlements in the vicinity of Cocoa Beach, Florida. Cocoa Beach is surrounded by a number of smaller local municipalities, which are listed below. Make sure to stop at any of these locations if you’re planning a road trip or visiting the local region in order to acquire a sense of the area. Cocoa Beach, Florida’s South Cocoa Beach . Angel City, FL
  • Rockwell, FL
  • and others. In Georgiana, Florida.

What major city is Cocoa Beach near?

Merritt Island is located in Florida. Cape Canaveral, Florida is the site of the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s launch. Rockledge, Florida is a city in the state of Florida.

Is Cocoa Beach close to Miami?

The driving distance between Miami and Cocoa Beach is 176 kilometers long. This route is 196 kilometers long on the road. It takes 7 hours to fly from Miami to Cocoa Beach, which is the quickest route.

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Is Cocoa Beach part of Orlando?

Cocoa Beach is a city in Brevard County in east-central Florida, United States, located on a barrier island between the Banana River (lagoon) and the Atlantic Ocean, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) southeast of Orlando and slightly south of Cape Canaveral.

Is Tampa close to Cocoa Beach?

A total of 116 miles separates Cocoa Beach from Tampa, Florida. 135.3 miles separate the two points on the route. The driving distance between Cocoa Beach and Tampa is 135 miles, which is correct. Driving from Cocoa Beach to Tampa takes around 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Why is Cocoa Beach famous?

Due to its position immediately south of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and the Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Beach is a prime spot for those interested in seeing space shuttle launches. In addition to its beaches and surfing, the city of Cocoa Beach is known for its surf stores such as Ron Jons and the Cocoa Beach Surf Company.

What cities are between Orlando and Cocoa Beach?

The best places to visit between Cocoa Beach and Orlando. Titusville, Kissimmee, Melbourne, DeLand, Cape Canaveral, Winter Park, and Clermont are the most populous cities in the area between Cocoa Beach and Orlando. Titusville is the most populated city along the road, and it is less than an hour away from Cocoa Beach and less than an hour away from Disney World.

What beach is better Daytona or Cocoa Beach?

When it comes to the beach itself, Daytona’s is wide during low tide and contains few shell fragments, making it a lovely place to walk. Cocoa Beach is comparable, although a little more difficult to navigate. Those looking for a true comparison of seasonal surf should look no farther than Magic Seaweed, which inconveniently divides Florida (Atlantic) from the Gulf Coast.

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How far is Cocoa Beach from Disney?

Which beach is the most convenient to Walt Disney World? Technically, the nearest beach to Walt Disney World is Cocoa Beach, which is 70 miles away and may be reached by car. Because the path to get there is almost entirely on interstate highways, it takes around 70 minutes to get there.

What beach is in Orlando Florida?

Cocoa Beach is the nearest beach to Orlando inhabitants, and it is only a little more than an hour away from the city. It is well-known for its family-friendly activities, resting along the beach, and as a destination for eco-tours and deep-sea fishing.

What is better Cocoa Beach or Clearwater?

If you’re seeking for bluer, calmer waters as well as white beaches, Clearwater will be a terrific choice for you. If you’re looking for waves, the Cocoa Beach region is unquestionably the place to go.

Is Cocoa Beach a nice beach?

Cocoa Beach is a beautiful beach with little to no automobile traffic and is ideal for families. Port Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center are both within driving distance. After visiting Cocoa Beach for many years, it remains my favorite beach in the immediate vicinity of where I reside. Cocoa Beach is a wonderful area to live, whether you have children or not.

Is Cocoa Beach water clear?

The color of the water is affected by a variety of meteorological elements (wind, clouds, churning of the water, which sends bottom particles to the surface), but in general it is a wonderful dark blue to turquoise in hue, and semi transparent at the shore/sand junction.

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How far is Orlando from cocoa?

It takes 47 miles or 76 kilometers to drive from Cocoa, Florida to Orlando, Florida in a straight line.

What airport do you fly into for Cocoa Beach Florida?

Whether you’re looking for local or international flights, Melbourne International Airport is the nearest major airport to Cocoa Beach. A 30-minute drive south on US-1 N and Florida A1A N/S Atlantic Ave will take you to the heart of Cocoa Beach, which is approximately 22 miles south of the city center.

How far is it from Tampa to Cocoa?

The distance between Tampa and Cocoa Beach in northeastern direction is 115.54 miles (165.65 kilometers), while the distance by automobile is 134 miles (215.65 kilometers) if you use the I-4 E route. If you drive non-stop, the distance between Tampa and Cocoa Beach is 2 hours and 9 minutes. This is the shortest route between Tampa, Florida to Cocoa Beach, Florida.

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