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Where Are Hamilton Beach Products Made? (Solved)

The appliances manufactured by Hamilton Beach have all been made in China by subcontractors since the early 2000s.
Wikipedia has a page dedicated to Hamilton Beach Brands.

  • The Hamilton Beach division of Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. is the continuation of the original corporation. All Hamilton Beach appliances are currently produced by subcontractors in China, as of 2012.

Who manufactures Hamilton Beach products?

NACCO Industries, Inc. had the vision to bring together two major appliance manufacturers – Hamilton Beach and Proctor-Silex – in 1990, resulting in the creation of the largest producer of small kitchen appliances in the United States. Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. is a publicly traded corporation in the United States.

What company owns Hamilton Beach?

Purchasing Hamilton Beach Inc. from Ireland-based Glen Dimplex and combining it with Proctor Silex was a smart move for NACCO. Hamilton Beach’s International Division was established, and activities in Mexico were launched. Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Hamilton, New Jersey.

Is Hamilton Beach owned by Kitchenaid?

Hamilton Beach, a manufacturer of consumer and commercial kitchen appliances, has applied to NACCO Industries to be spun off as a separate company. NACCO Industries, situated in Cleveland, made the announcement on Aug. There are appliances from Hamilton Beach and Proctor Silex available for purchase, in addition to other major brands such as Kitchen Aid, Keurig, and OXO.

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Where is Hamilton Beach company located?

We are headquartered in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia, and employ more than 700 individuals worldwide. Hamilton Beach began exporting its products to other countries in 1995, and the company continues to develop new, award-winning items for consumers in North America and throughout the world.

Is Hamilton Beach Brand Made in USA?

The appliances manufactured by Hamilton Beach have all been made in China by subcontractors since the early 2000s.

Is Hamilton Beach owned by Walmart?

According to the corporation, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. accounted for 32 percent of Hamilton Beach’s revenue last year, while Inc. accounted for 10 percent of its total sales.

Are Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach the same?

Hamilton Beach 41020 / Design: As you can see in the photographs, they are nearly similar, with the exception of the fact that the HB is somewhat higher than the HB. It should be noted that the Cuisinart is a little more streamlined in terms of design. It weights somewhat more than the HB, at little over an ounce more.

Did Hamilton Beach go out of business?

GLEN ALLEN, Va., Oct. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — GLEN ALLEN, Va., Oct. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — It was stated today by Hamilton Beach Brands Holding Company (NYSE: HBB) that the retail activities of its subsidiary, The Kitchen Collection, LLC, would be phased down and that the company’s 160 locations will be closed by the end of 2019.

Is KitchenAid made in the USA?

KitchenAid stand mixers have been manufactured in the United States since 1941, and the plant currently employs 700 workers who work three shifts. The KitchenAid stand mixer is the chef’s instrument of choice for baking and other culinary endeavors. Founded in 1941, the company has been manufacturing mixers in Greenville, Ohio.

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When was the Hamilton Beach Model G mixer made?

Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer Model G from 1948, from the Mid Century period.

How do I contact Hamilton Beach?

To speak with us about your problem, please send an email or call 1-877-474-1122. It has been MORE THAN 60 DAYS since I purchased the merchandise in question.

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