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When Does Indiana Beach Close For The Season? (Solved)

In the event that my Indiana Beach Season Pass is lost, what should I do?

  • If a Season Pass is misused, Indiana Beach maintains the right to withdraw it. Any Season Pass that is lost or stolen will result in a $10 re-issue cost, a $30 replacement fee for a second time, and any future losses will necessitate the purchase of a new Season Pass Card at the current price.

Is Indiana Beach Closed 2021?

(WLFI) — The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity. Indiana Beach is now officially open for the season beginning in 2021. The park officially opened its doors to visitors on Saturday, May 22. This year, the park will debut many new rides, including ‘The Sea Warrior,’ which will be the resort’s first water coaster. To purchase season tickets, please visit this page.

Is Indiana Beach closing for good?

WTHI (WTHI) – After being forced to close for good last year, an Indiana theme park has reopened its doors to the general public. This is after a new owner has taken over the business. Indiana Beach, located near Monticello, is currently available to the public. A number of new rides, including Sea Warrior, will be introduced at the park this year.

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Why is Indiana Beach closing down?

After the current owner, the California-based Apex Parks Group, stated that they were closing the park due to financial issues in February, Indiana Beach came to an end. On April 8, they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Is Indiana Beach open again?

— After a tumultuous few months, Indiana beach reopened to much fanfare on Friday, with additional precautions in place to defend against COVID-19.

Is Indiana Beach back open?

That’s when Chicagoan Gene Staples stepped in and purchased the park, ensuring that it remained open. Indiana Beach is once again open for business for the 95th consecutive year. Since it initially opened its doors in 1926 on the shores of Lake Shafer in Monticello, Indiana, the popular amusement park has been a local institution. A number of additional attractions have also been added to the park’s lineup.

How long Indiana Beach closed?

Indiana Beach stated on February 18, 2020, that it will be permanently closing after 94 years of existence, with no plans to return in the near future. Apex Parks Group claimed financial constraints as the cause for the closure, and stated that they had “tried tirelessly” to find a new buyer for the park, but had come up empty-handed.

Is Indiana Beach permanently closed?

In a post on its Facebook page, Indiana Beach Amusement Water Park Resort announced that it will be closing forever on Wednesday. Indiana Beach is closing its doors and ending operations, which is a sad development. We are grateful for the many years we have spent working together, and we much value your support and business.

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Who owns Indiana Beach now?

After cutting a ceremonial ribbon to commemorate the 94th anniversary of Indiana Beach’s reopening on Friday, June 26, 2020 in Monticello, Gene Staples, owner of Indiana Beach, stands second from right with his daughter Madison Staples, center.

Is Indiana Beach man made?

Indiana Beach, formerly known as Ideal Beach, was founded in 1926 by Earl Spackman and has remained family-owned and operated for the most of its existence. The amusement park, which is located near the man-made Lake Shafer, evolved from a swimming place in a cornfield to become a popular regional destination.

When did Indiana Beach Open?

The normal price for a full-day ticket is $39.99 for individuals taller than 48 inches, $29.99 for minors less than 48 inches, and $19.99 for those 60 years and over. All youngsters under the age of two years will be allowed for free to the event. Season passes for the 2020 season will be $54.99.

Do u have to wear a mask at Indiana Beach?

Upon entering the park, all visitors will be subjected to a health examination. Individuals having a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will not be permitted to enter the park, according the Indiana Beach’s official website. Inside the park, face masks will not be necessary, but they will be urged to wear them.

Is Indiana Beach Safe?

Is Indiana Beach, Indiana a safe place to visit? The B+ rating indicates that the rate of crime is lower than the national average in the United States. Indiana Beach is ranked in the 74th percentile for safety, which means that only 26 percent of cities are safer and 74 percent of cities are more dangerous than Indiana Beach.

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Do you have to make reservations for Indiana Beach?

Sites and cabins must be rented by adults 18 and older, and the adult who makes the reservation will be accountable for the site. Parents are accountable for the well-being of their offspring. Remember that certain campsites at the Indiana Beach Campground share electricity, so a converter may be required in some cases. The use of Wi-Fi is offered for a modest fee.

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