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What Is The Closest Ocean Beach Near Me?

What beaches exist in the vicinity of Ocean City, Maryland?

  • A strip of beach surrounding the Chesapeake Bay is located at the foot of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which is accessible through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. There are other options for sunbathing and fishing for people who do not want to make the more than 60-mile trek to Ocean City or Assateague Island.

How far is the ocean from Sacramento?

Beaches in the San Francisco Bay Area are 95 miles distant from Sacramento and are the closest to the city. You can leave Sacramento and be at the beach in less than 1.5 hours if you drive slowly. During the summer, temperatures in Sacramento may reach dangerously high levels, although temperatures along the coast remain significantly lower.

What beach is closest to Knoxville TN?

Sullivan’s Island, in South Carolina, is the nearest beach to Knoxville, Tennessee, and it is about an hour away. This seaside locale, which is little under six hours distant, provides a convenient drive as well as ample rest and leisure.

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What ocean is NC closest to?

The community of Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, is located on a barrier island on the eastern border of the Bogue Banks, with the Atlantic Ocean and Bogue Sound on each side of it.

What is the closest ocean beach to Atlanta GA?

Tybee Island, which is 267 miles from downtown Atlanta, is the nearest ocean beach to the metropolis. Since the late nineteenth century, this historic seaside area has been a popular tourist attraction. It is still a popular destination due to the long stretches of beach and the laid-back, old-school beach town atmosphere.

What is the closest ocean beach to Sacramento?

The nearest beaches are either on San Francisco Bay, near the city of San Rafael, or on the East Bay, near the city of Oakland (1.5 hours). However, if you have made the commitment to travel this far, it is well worth it to continue on to other spectacular Pacific beaches.

What is the closest ocean beach to Ohio?

Ocean City, Maryland, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Virginia Beach, Virginia are the nearest ocean beaches to Ohio. Ocean City, Maryland is the closest ocean beach to Ohio. They are still nine to ten hours distant by automobile, even though they are among the most popular summer travel destinations for Ohioans seeking summer beach vacations.

Where is the closest ocean beach to Missouri?

In the United States, Gulf Shores, Alabama, is one of the closest coastal beach attractions for Missourians, located less than 12 hours south of St. Louis by automobile.

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How far is the beach from Gatlinburg TN?

The driving distance between Gatlinburg, Tennessee and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is 377 miles or 607 kilometers. Your journey begins in the town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

What ocean is closest to Chattanooga TN?

In terms of travel time, Tybee Island on the coast of Georgia is the nearest beach to Chattanooga, coming in at 5 hours and 49 minutes. Located on the coast of the Atlantic, Tybee is a charming small beach town with everything a beachcomber might want.

How far is the closest beach to Raleigh NC?

At 131 miles east of Raleigh, Wrightsville Beach is the nearest and most easily accessible beach for the city’s residents.

How far is a beach from Charlotte NC?

The city of Charlotte is conveniently located between both, however getting to the seaside will need a bit of additional driving time. Charlotte is only 20 miles away from the nearest lake beach on Lake Norman, and it is 176 miles away from the nearest coastal beach on the coast of North Carolina.

How far is Morrisville NC from the beach?

The city of Morrisville is around two hours away from Charlotte, where you can watch an NBA (Hornets) or NFL (Panthers) game, and approximately two hours away from the coast, where you can find some fairly fantastic beaches. The majority of people take a week or two every year to relax in the sun and on some of North Carolina’s most beautiful beaches.

What is the prettiest beach in Georgia?

Georgia has 11 of the best beaches in the world.

  • The North Beach on Tybee Island
  • the Sea Island Beach Club on Sea Island
  • the Cumberland Island National Seashore
  • the Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island
  • the Main Beach on Little St. Simons Island
  • the East Beach on St. Simons Island
  • the St. Andrews Beach on Jekyll Island
  • and the St. Andrews Beach on Jekyll Island
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What ocean is closest to Georgia?

In the Atlantic Ocean between South Carolina and Florida, around 100 miles of Georgia shoreline may be found.

What is Jekyll Island close to?

Jekyll Island is a tranquil coastal ecosystem surrounded by scenic wetlands and a stunning coastline. Glynn County, Georgia is home to the Golden Isles, which include St. Simons Island, Sea Island, and the city of Brunswick. We are just a few miles from St. Simons Island, Sea Island, and the city of Brunswick. The information listed below will assist you in navigating our distinctive small island.

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