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What Is The Closest Beach To Columbia South Carolina? (Question)

  • The nearest beach to Columbia, as measured by the crow’s flight, is Sullivans Island, which is located in CHARLESTON, SC and is 116.88 miles away. Coastal is the type of beach. See the table below for a comprehensive list of more beaches.

Do Columbia SC have a beach?

The Isle of Palms is the nearest beach to Columbia and is located in South Carolina. A county park with restrooms is located nearby. To get there from Columbia, travel I-26 to I-526 and then follow the directions on the signage. If you go on a Sunday, you may expect to be stuck in traffic for up to an hour.

How far is Edisto Beach from Columbia?

Between Columbia and Edisto Beach, the distance between them is 113 miles.

What is the prettiest beach in South Carolina?

South Carolina has 12 of the best beaches in the country.

  • Myrtle Beach is a popular tourist destination. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Coligny Beach Park, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Coligny Beach Park on Hilton Head Island
  • Kiawah Beachwalker Park on the island of Kiawah. Sunset on Kiawah Island
  • Folly Beach in Charleston
  • and more. Beaches at Folly Beach, Edisto Beach, Front Beach, Isle of Palms, Surfside, Sullivan’s Island Beach, and other locations in South Carolina
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What’s between Columbia and Myrtle Beach?

Barrineau Crossroads, South Carolina is the city that is geographically located halfway between Columbia, South Carolina and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

How far is it to Myrtle Beach from Columbia?

The one-way driving distance between Columbia and Myrtle Beach is 149 miles long. Prepare to spend three hours in the car.

How long is Columbia Myrtle Beach?

The driving distance between Columbia and Myrtle Beach is 149 miles, which is correct. Driving from Columbia to Myrtle Beach takes roughly 2 hours and 54 minutes.

Is Columbia SC close to Charleston SC?

The entire driving distance between Columbia, SC and Charleston, SC is 114 miles (183 kilometers) and takes around 1 hour. The first stop on your journey is Columbia, South Carolina. Alternatively, you might be more interested in calculating the straight line distance between Columbia, SC and Charleston, SC.

Is Folly Beach nice?

Folly is the place to go if you love a bustling beach town, and it has everything from huge, sandy beaches to the greatest surf in the entire city of Charleston. Folly Beach is the beach to go to if you want to go surfing in South Carolina. Folly’s diverse shoreline and jetties make it an excellent surfing destination for surfers of all abilities.

What is the most affordable beach town in South Carolina?

According to, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, is the best affordable beach town for retirees in the United States. Several additional southern destinations made the list of the top ten.

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What is the least crowded beach in South Carolina?

Take a break from the crowds on one of South Carolina’s hidden beaches

  • Bulls Island is a small island in the Pacific Ocean. Bulls Island, the biggest of four barrier islands in the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, is located along one of the most pristine stretches of shoreline on the eastern seaboard. Waites Island
  • Capers Island
  • Morris Island
  • Daufuskie Island
  • and other small islands.

What is open at Edisto Beach?

Edisto Beach State Park is available to the public, however there are certain restrictions. Botany Bay Beach is open for business. There is an area of the beach that is closed to the public due to the presence of nesting shorebirds, and this section is well identified with signage. NO DOGS are permitted on the premises.

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