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The Beach Boys That’S Why God Made The Radio? (TOP 5 Tips)

That’s Why God Made the Radio is the twenty-ninth studio album by American rock band the Beach Boys, released on June 5, 2012, through Capitol Records. It is the band’s first new album in twenty years.

That’s Why God Made the Radio
Genre Soft rock
Length 38:53
Label Capitol
Producer Brian Wilson (except “Daybreak Over the Ocean”, Paul Fauerso)


When was that’s why God made the radio written?

In the summer of 1998, Brian Wilson collaborated with Jim Peterik (previously of Survivor), Joe Thomas, and Larry Millas to write the song.

Did Brian Wilson write most of the Beach Boys songs?

The Beach Boys scored a slew of hit songs in fast succession, all of which were written by Brian Wilson and recorded by the band in their trademark sound.

Who Wrote That’s Why God Made the Radio?

In 2008, the Beach Boys made their most surprising comeback, rejoining with Love’s nephew, Brian Wilson, for “That’s Why God Made the Radio,” which became their highest-charting album since the ’60s and became their highest-charting album in eight years. That’s one commercial accomplishment that Love has a hard time getting excited about.

What is Brian Wilson diagnosed with?

Throughout his life, Wilson has had to contend with an abusive and hard-driving father, the mental condition Schizoaffective disorder, in which he would hear voices berating and demeaning him, and band members who were frequently reluctant to the direction he was taking the band’s music in.

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Is Brian Wilson a genius?

His abilities led a lot of influential members of the Los Angeles music business to refer to him as a genius. By early 1966, he wished to transition the group away from its surf and hot rod image, which he considered to be out of date and detracting attention away from his abilities as a producer and songwriter.

Who is Mike Love’s wife?

Because they both had a strong interest in music, they were able to rapidly form a connection. Wilson was eager to assist Manson in his efforts to further his professional career. Members of the Family author Dianne Lake writes in her memoir, “Dennis truly took Charlie under his wing.” He was overjoyed to be able to show him off to his peers.

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