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How To Get To Gold Beach Maplestory Reboot? (Correct answer)

By speaking with Pilot Irvin at the Six Path Crossway, players will be able to get entry to the area. Gold Beach was developed by Gold Richie as a beach resort on an island off the coast of Jamaica.
What level should I set my Maplestory Reboot character to?

  • A tutorial to leveling up in Maplestory Reboot The following are the ranks of the STAR FORCE: 2 ARCANE RIVER: 3 Questing (Level 30-200): 4 Bossing/Dailies. Level 105 and up: Monster Park has been resurrected (with a daily entry restriction of two per world). The cash store in the game allows a player to purchase tickets with reward points earned during the game.

How do you get back to Grandis Maplestory?

Using the Dimension Gate from Six Path Crossway, players will be transported to Pantheon, where they may begin their journey to Grandis. To access the page for a certain map, simply click on the dot.

How do you teleport in Maplestory?

Teleport Rocks allow you to move swiftly across Maple World by just clicking on the desired spot on the World Map! Teleport Rocks are located throughout Maple World and may be found in a variety of locations. Teleport Rocks may be purchased in the Cash Shop’s Game Convenience section under the “Game” tab. When you use a Teleport Rock, it is either consumed immediately or may be bought to be used repeatedly for a specified number of days.

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How do I get to the six path Crossway?

The quickest and most direct route to Six Path Crossway (for free) (Lvl 100+)

  1. Click the light bulb symbol on the left side of your screen to accept the quest “[Mushroom Shrine Tales] Go to the Mushroom Shrine,” which is located on the left side of your screen.
  2. Once you have been relocated, seek out the green crystal known as the “Heart of Zipangu.” This will provide you the opportunity to relocate to Henesys.

How do you get to Edelstein?

Techniques of Travel Travel to the Six Path Crossway, walk up to the Victoria Tree Platform, take the proper portal, and then speak with the travel NPC there. Travel to the Edelstein Temporary Airport, speak with Ace, and then pick where you want to go from there.

How do I get to Mu Lung Maplestory?

Whatever the case, when you get in Orbis, head to the right and speak with the NPC at the far end of the map. Continue walking after selecting the Mu Lung option. You’ll come across a crane; speak with him and he’ll arrange for you to be transported there for $6,000.

How do I start Riena Strait?

What is the best way to travel to Riena Strait? To go to Riena Strait, you may either accept the quest on the left-hand side of your screen (which can only be done once) or travel to Penguin Port in Rien, where you can speak with Puro and choose Riena Strait as your destination. To speak with Rien, head to Lith Harbor on Victoria Island and speak with Puro while you’re there.

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What is a theme dungeon Maplestory?

It is possible to acquire prizes like as Medals and Equipment by completing Theme Dungeons, which are story-driven locations with narratives. Monsters that scale to your level can be found in the sections below, ranging from Lv. 30 to Lv. 59.

How do you get to Ninja Castle maple?

It is necessary to first search for a hidden portal at Mushroom Shrine that will take you to a location known as Kamuna before proceeding to Ninja Castle. It is possible to locate the NPC Crystal in Kamuna, which will allow you to go back in time to Ninja Castle!

How do I get to El Nath?

From Orbis, you’ll have to descend 20 stories plus two more maps in order to reach your destination. After leaving Orbis, you must go to Mulung and then Herb Town before descending to Aqua Road and climbing up the tower to reach the location. Getting there is not difficult.

How do I get to Leafre?

Take the cruise from Victoria to Orbis and spend the night there. Once you get at the Orbis station, walk all the way to the right and chat to the npc/enter the portal and select “Fly to Leafre” or anything along those lines once you arrive.

How do I use the Maple guide?

The suggested field button will take you to the recommended field location when you click on it in the game. As soon as your character is ready to advance in their current position, a button will appear in the Maple Guide. Once the Job Advancement has been accomplished, this quest button will not be removed from the screen.

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