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How To Fold A Beach Chair? (TOP 5 Tips)

What is the most comfortable beach chair?

  • According to our assessment, the Ostrich Lounge Chaise is the greatest beach chair available in 2017. It is lightweight, portable, and constructed of a durable rust-free frame that can handle up to 250 pounds. The seat and three-position reclining backrest contour to the user’s body, resulting in a comfortable and stress-free tanning session.

How do you close a Margaritaville beach chair?

Place one hand on the top edge of the backrest of the upright chair while leaning it on the rear metal bar. Then, using your opposite hand, press down on the front metal bar of the chair. Folding the chair is accomplished by pushing the backrest forward. Continue to tread on the metal bar in the back of the seat as you begin to collapse it.

How do you close folding chair?

Close it by flipping it over and squeezing or snapping the two bottom frames together. The chair shuts quickly and effortlessly, but I can see where it could be firmer than most people are used to.

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