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How To Draw A Beach Scene Step By Step? (Best solution)

What is the best way to sketch a beach?

  • Begin by drawing a body in the lower left corner and then adding legs, hair, and a swimming suit. Make a blanket and an umbrella out of newspaper. Add a wavy line to represent water and a pail with a shovel. Create a figure on the right-hand side of the page. Add a beach ball and tons of starfish to finish it off. Two sailboats may be seen in the distance. Draw a horizon line, waves, and sky with clouds and birds in the foreground. Draw a line with a marker and color it in.

How do you draw a flowing river?

Procedure for Drawing a River, Step by Step Instructions

  1. Beginning with one side of the riverbank, draw a rough sketch of the other side. Create a form on one side of the paper by drawing a long, curving line around it. Draw the riverbank on the other side of the river. Fill in the gaps along the riverside with rocks of varying sizes. Incorporate a detail of rocks down the other riverside.
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