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How Much Are Indiana Beach Tickets? (Question)

The normal price for a full-day ticket is $39.99 for individuals taller than 48 inches, $29.99 for minors less than 48 inches, and $19.99 for those 60 years and over. All youngsters under the age of two years will be allowed for free to the event. Season passes for the 2020 season will be $54.99.

  • What is the cost of a day pass to Indiana Beach? Admission for a full day will normally be $399.99 for individuals taller than 48 inches, $29.99 for minors lower than 48 inches, and $19.99 for those 60 years and over.

How much is parking at Indiana Beach?

During the summer months, a $6 per car parking fee is charged at Indiana Dunes National Park’s West Beach, which is collected on Fridays and Saturdays from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. The America the Beautiful Senior and Access Passes do offer a 50 percent reduction on the park’s admission price. Other than that, there are no discounts available for federal passes.

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How much does it cost to get into Indiana Beach in Monticello Indiana?

During regular park hours, regular day passes cost 39.99 for persons over 48″ and 24.99 for those under 48″. There are discounts available for online purchases, as well as reductions for seniors and military personnel. more than a year ago. more than a year ago

How much was Indiana Beach sold for?

The sale of 11 properties by Morgan RV LLC to Sun Communities Operating Limited Partnership LLC of Michigan for a total of $135 million was disclosed in December 2012. Morgan RV LLC is based in Michigan.

Does Indiana Beach have a beach?

Indiana Beach, which is located within an amusement park resort, is one of the greatest beaches in Indiana for families with children. It has a soft sand beach that’s wonderful for building sandcastles, beach loungers for lounging about on while you sunbathe, and a tiny closed-off swimming area that’s suitable for youngsters, among other amenities. What exactly is it?

Do u have to wear a mask at Indiana Beach?

Upon entering the park, all visitors will be subjected to a health examination. Individuals having a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will not be permitted to enter the park, according the Indiana Beach’s official website. Inside the park, face masks will not be necessary, but they will be urged to wear them.

Can you bring food into Indiana Beach?

Food, beverages, and coolers brought from outside the park are not permitted. Picnicking and grilling are not permitted in the park or in the parking garage. Tobacco products are not permitted at Indiana Beach. Bring-in alcoholic beverages are prohibited, while alcoholic beverages purchased in the park are prohibited from being carried outside the park’s perimeter fence.

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Is Indiana Beach Safe?

Is Indiana Beach, Indiana a safe place to visit? The B+ rating indicates that the rate of crime is lower than the national average in the United States. Indiana Beach is ranked in the 74th percentile for safety, which means that only 26 percent of cities are safer and 74 percent of cities are more dangerous than Indiana Beach.

How much are tickets for Holiday World?

What is the cost of a ticket to Holiday World? The one-day standard gate entrance fee is $54.99 for guests under 54 inches in height and seniors 60 years and over, and $44.99 for guests under 54 inches in height. Children under the age of two are admitted free of charge. The ticket covers admission to the theme park as well as the water park.

Is Indiana Beach going to open this year?

The White County Sheriff’s Office (WLFI) has released the following statement: Indiana Beach is now officially open for the season beginning in 2021. The park officially opened its doors to visitors on Saturday, May 22. This year, the park will debut many new rides, including ‘The Sea Warrior,’ which will be the resort’s first water coaster.

Who owns Indiana Beach?

As the opening ceremonies for Indiana Beach got underway, the rain started to ease up a little. When speakers and new owner Gene Staples addressed the crowd at Friday’s VIP launch, the clouds began to clear and the sun emerged to illuminate the remainder of the day and the rest of this week.

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Who owns Indiana Beach now?

After cutting a ceremonial ribbon to commemorate the 94th anniversary of Indiana Beach’s reopening on Friday, June 26, 2020 in Monticello, Gene Staples, owner of Indiana Beach, stands second from right with his daughter Madison Staples, center.

Is Indiana Beach closing for good?

WTHI (WTHI) – After being forced to close for good last year, an Indiana theme park has reopened its doors to the general public. This is after a new owner has taken over the business. Indiana Beach, located near Monticello, is currently available to the public. A number of new rides, including Sea Warrior, will be introduced at the park this year.

Why is Indiana Beach closing?

After the current owner, the California-based Apex Parks Group, stated that they were closing the park due to financial issues in February, Indiana Beach came to an end. On April 8, they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Do you have to pay for rides at Indiana Beach?

It used to be that Indiana Beach would let residents inside the park for free, not so much to ride the rollercoasters as to eat or watch youngsters. This free or low-cost general entry has been eliminated by the park this year, much to the displeasure of Monticello residents and visitors.

How tall do you have to be to ride the tiger at Indiana Beach?

Riders must be at least 54 years old “It takes a lot of strength to ride alone. Guests under the age of 54 “Riders who are over six feet tall are not authorized to ride. Riders are not authorized to perch on the back of another rider’s shoulders.

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