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How Far Is Tuscaloosa From The Beach?

Tuscaloosa is 203 miles away from Orange Beach, and it is a one-way trip. 279,4 miles separate the two points on the route. What is the approximate travel time between Tuscaloosa and Orange Beach?

What beach is closest to the University of Alabama?

Orange Beach is a city in the state of Alabama. Orange Beach is located four hours south of Tuscaloosa on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

How far is University of Alabama from the ocean?

There are 203 miles between the University of Alabama and Orange Beach in a straight line. This route has a total distance of 290.6 miles.

Is Tuscaloosa a good place to live?

Tuscaloosa is located in Tuscaloosa County and is considered to be one of the greatest locations to reside in the state of Alabama. Living in Tuscaloosa provides people with a thick suburban vibe, and the vast majority of inhabitants rent their residences out. Tuscaloosa is home to a large number of young professionals, and the city’s citizens tend to be liberal. Tuscaloosa’s public schools perform above average in comparison to the state average.

What is Tuscaloosa County famous for?

In addition, the county was home to Paul “Bear” Bryant, possibly the most prominent college football coach of the twentieth century, as well as Lurleen Wallace, the state’s first female governor, who served as Alabama’s governor for the first time. From 1826 until 1845, the city of Tuscaloosa served as the state capital of Alabama.

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How far is mobile from Tuscaloosa?

Between Mobile and Tuscaloosa, the distance between the two cities is approximately 177 miles. In terms of road distance, it is 226.2 miles.

How far is South Alabama from the beach?

The driving distance between the University of South Alabama and Orange Beach is 67 miles, which is true of both directions. Traveling by car from the University of South Alabama to Orange Beach takes around 1 hour and 18 minutes.

Is Tuscaloosa a safe city?

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, has one of the worst crime rates in the United States when compared to all communities of all sizes – from the tiniest villages to the greatest metropolis – with a crime rate of 49 per thousand citizens. The likelihood of being a victim of either violent or property crime in this area is one in every twenty.

Is Tuscaloosa a big city?

Tuscaloosa, Alabama is the location. Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is known as the “Druid City” because of the abundance of water oaks that line the streets of the town. It is a classic Southern college town: friendly, lovely, and buzzing with activity.

What percent of Tuscaloosa is black?

According to the most current American Community Survey, the racial makeup of Tuscaloosa is as follows: White people account for 51.19 percent of the population. 44.00 percent of the population is black or African American. Asians account for 2.54 percent of the population.

What does Black Warrior mean?

In honor of Chief Tushkalusa, who is also the namesake of the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the Black Warrior River was called. Tushka means warrior in Choctaw, while lusa signifies black in the language. The region drained by the river, known as its watershed or basin, encompasses 6,276 square miles in Alabama and stretches approximately 300 miles from top to bottom of the state.

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Why is it called Druid City?

When Tuscaloosa was first established, the city was known as both “The Oak City” and “The Druid City” (named after an ancient Celtic people who adored oaks) due of the abundance of water oak trees that lined the downtown streets.

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