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How Far Is Savannah Georgia From The Beach? (Perfect answer)

Tybee Island, which is located 18 miles from downtown Savannah, is the nearest beach to Savannah, Georgia. To go to the closest beaches, you’ll have to drive a bit further south to Georgia’s Jekyll Island (94 miles) or further north to Florida’s Amelia Island (128 miles).

Does Savannah have good beaches?

Tybee’s South Beach is the island’s most popular tourist destination, and it’s only a 20-minute drive from Savannah’s downtown. In addition to beachy fun, the area boasts numerous big motels, pubs, cafés, and beach stores; the Tybee Pavilion and Pier, meantime, is a haven for concession booths and public bathrooms.

Can you swim in the ocean in Savannah Georgia?

Savannah is located in Georgia’s Lowcountry coastal area, but it is primarily a river port town, and as a result, it does not have any natural beaches. The beach is only accessible by automobile, so getting there will be a lengthy process. Two islands in the vicinity of Savannah are connected to the mainland by bridges and feature public swimming beaches on their beaches.

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How long does it take to get to the beach from Savannah Georgia?

A short ferry ride away from Savannah’s historic district lies Tybee Island. You can get to this gorgeous barrier island from the center of downtown Savannah in less than 20 minutes by car or on foot. Here are some simple steps to follow.

Is Tybee Island worth visiting?

A trip to Tybee Island is well worth it if you want to stroll down the beach and stop at a couple of bars for a drink, a couple of snack shops for a bite to eat, or a small restaurant. We, on the other hand, adore it. Consequently, I would recommend it as a half-day excursion: drive or have someone take you to the Pavilion and then begin wandering.

What is the prettiest beach in Georgia?

Georgia has 11 of the best beaches in the world.

  • The North Beach on Tybee Island
  • the Sea Island Beach Club on Sea Island
  • the Cumberland Island National Seashore
  • the Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island
  • the Main Beach on Little St. Simons Island
  • the East Beach on St. Simons Island
  • the St. Andrews Beach on Jekyll Island
  • and the St. Andrews Beach on Jekyll Island

Is Savannah close to the ocean?

Tybee Island, which is located 18 miles from downtown Savannah, is the nearest beach to Savannah, Georgia. To go to the closest beaches, you’ll have to drive a bit further south to Georgia’s Jekyll Island (94 miles) or further north to Florida’s Amelia Island (128 miles).

Why is Savannah beach water brown?

Water is dark and silty because of the Savannah River, which is a major source of pollution. Immediately after getting out of the water, you will get a physical sense of filth. The water is, to put it mildly, disgusting. There are several beach stores to choose from, and the Savannah area is well-known for its vibrant bar scene.

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What is the best month to visit Savannah Georgia?

The greatest season to visit Savannah is from March through July, when mild temperatures encourage the leaves of the trees and blossoms of the azaleas out of their winter slumber. Additionally, several events occupy this busy period, yet because of the favorable weather conditions, hotels may be prohibitively expensive.

Are there alligators in Savannah Georgia?

In the Savannah area, sightings of huge gators are relatively rare, and sometimes these encounters result in tragedy. In 2007, a lady was attacked and murdered by an 8-foot alligator on Skidaway Island, which was located in Florida. An alligator measuring seven feet in length was seized on Tybee Island in June 2016 and later put down.

Are Savannah beaches open?

SAVANNAH, Georgia (AP) — The Georgia Department of Natural Resources issued an order that prohibited certain objects such as chairs and umbrellas. The beaches on Tybee Island have been reopened in their entirety, but if you paid to park, you may have noticed that the charges have increased virtually overnight.

What is the best beach in Savannah Ga?

The Most Beautiful Beaches in the Area Around Savannah, Georgia

  • Natural Feature. View of South Beach, Tybee Island
  • Natural Feature. View of Mid Beach, Tybee Island
  • Natural Feature. View of North Beach, Tybee Island
  • Natural Feature. View of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
  • Natural Feature. View of St Simons Island, Georgia
  • Natural Feature. View of Jekyll Island, Georgia

Is it safe to swim at Tybee Island?

The Chatham County Health Department recommends that you refrain from swimming or wading in the water in the locations that are subject to the advisories. Fish and other seafood caught in these locations should be carefully cleaned with fresh water and thoroughly cooked before consumption, just as any fish or seafood taken in any other waterways should be before consumption.

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Is Tybee Island Expensive?

According to the most recent poll conducted by, Tybee Island is the sixth most costly location for vacationers in the United States this spring. Visitors to Tybee Island, Georgia’s easternmost point, will have to spend an average of $184 per night for the least priced double hotel, according to TripAdvisor.

Are there alligators on Tybee Island?

According to Tybee Island Police, “While many people are unaware that alligators live on the island, they may be found in a wide variety of freshwater bodies across the American Southeast,” they stated. In spite of the fact that alligators normally avoid contact with humans, they may be dangerous if they are provoked.

What is Savannah known for?

Beautiful coastal vistas, well-preserved architecture, and a long and illustrious history have made Savannah a nationally renowned destination for visitors from all over the world. In addition, while certain aspects of Savannah’s past are well-known – such as the life of Juliette Gordon Low and the filming of the iconic Forrest Gump scene – others are less well-known.

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