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How Far Is San Francisco From Long Beach? (TOP 5 Tips)

Three hundred and sixty-seven miles between the cities of San Francisco and Long Beach.

How long does it take to drive from Long Beach to San Francisco?

Driving routes from San Francisco to Long Beach are provided below. The distance between San Francisco and Long Beach is 404 miles. The journey will take roughly 7 hours. In the event that you want to drive on your own, the cost of petrol will be 49 US dollars.

Is Long Beach California worth visiting?

Detailed driving instructions from San Francisco to Long Beach It takes 404 miles to get from San Francisco to Long Beach. Approximately 7 hours are required for the trip. In the event that you want to drive on your own, the cost of gas will be 49 USD.

Is Long Beach closer to LA or San Diego?

Long Beach is located about 20 miles (32 kilometers) south of downtown Los Angeles and is a popular tourist destination.

Is Long Beach close to Hollywood?

Long Beach and Hollywood are separated by 24 miles of coastline. The road distance is around 30 miles.

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How far is San Francisco and Los Angeles?

The distance between San Francisco and Los Angeles is 1,050 kilometers. There are 347.42 miles between San Francisco and Los Angeles on an air line, making this the shortest possible distance (559.12 km). Following the route planner’s recommendations, the shortest route between San Francisco and Los Angeles is 381.03 miles (613.20 kilometers). The travel time is around 7 hours and 6 minutes.

How many nautical miles is it from Long Beach to San Francisco?

Long Beach, CA (LGB) and San Francisco, CA (SFO) are 354 miles / 569 kilometers / 307 nautical miles apart. The flight distance between Long Beach and San Francisco (Long Beach Airport – San Francisco International Airport) is 354 miles / 569 kilometers / 307 nautical miles.

Is Long Beach unsafe?

For safety, Long Beach is in the tenth percentile, which means that 90 percent of cities are safer and 10 percent of cities are more dangerous than Long Beach. During a typical year, the rate of crime in Long Beach is 62.81 per 1,000 people, according to the FBI. People who reside in Long Beach often believe that the northeastern half of the city is the safest part of town.

Does Long Beach CA have a boardwalk?

In the undulating dunes, the boardwalk is barely out of reach of the enormous Pacific, and it runs for over half a mile through them. This popular site for visitors and residents alike is conveniently located near most downtown Long Beach events and is only a short walk away. So, what is it about this boardwalk that makes it so special?

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Is it safe to stay in Long Beach?

IN GENERAL, THE RISK IS MEDIUM. When it comes to travel safety, Long Beach is not a good choice. Many events and local attractions, on the other hand, draw in a large number of local and international visitors. If you adhere to improved security measures and avoid congregating in high-risk parts of the city, you should have a pleasant experience in this city.

Is Long Beach nice?

Despite the fact that Long Beach does not have a beach as beautiful as Huntington Beach or Santa Monica, the region is nonetheless worth visiting. It would be fantastic to see the Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific, as well as schedule a day excursion to Catalina Island.

What is Long Beach State known for?

Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Visual and Performing Arts; Engineering; Health Professions and Related Programs; Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences; Social Sciences; Communication, Journalism, and Media Studies are among the most popular majors at California State University—Long Beach.

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