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How Far Is Largo Florida From The Beach?

If you’re driving, the distance between Largo and Clearwater Beach (Land) is 7 miles, as you mentioned. Driving from Largo to Clearwater Beach takes roughly 12 minutes (Land).

Does Largo FL have a beach?

Indian Rocks Beach, located just south of Clearwater Beach, is known for its beautiful white sand, warm sunshine, and spectacular sunsets. It is also the nearest beach to Largo. It is a wise investment to live in Largo and be so near to Florida’s lovely beachfront. You will never be disappointed.

Is Largo Florida a safe place to live?

In Largo, the likelihood of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime is one in every thirty-two. According to FBI crime statistics, Largo is not one of the safest neighborhoods in the United States. The crime rate in Largo is greater than the crime rate in 78 percent of Florida’s cities and towns of all sizes, according to the most recent data available.

What is Largo known for?

Because of its strategic position and plenty of farmland, Largo soon established itself as the regional capital of the citrus business, gaining the nickname “Citrus City.” The fruit from Largo was being sent by the ton to eager clients in the northern hemisphere. By 1970, the population of Largo had grown to more over 22,000 people, and a new city had been established.

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Whats it like to live in Largo Florida?

Largo is located in Pinellas County and is considered to be one of the most desirable areas to reside in Florida. Living in Largo provides inhabitants with an urban suburban mix vibe, and the majority of residents are homeowners. There are several restaurants and parks in the Largo area. Largo is home to a large number of young professionals and retirees, and the majority of citizens are conservative.

Is Largo Florida a good place to retire?

Money magazine named Largo the second best place to retire in America for 2020 in its annual list of the top ten best places to retire in the United States. When evaluating their options, Money’s experts took into consideration factors such as weather, convenience, walkability, health care, cost of living, the number of communities for those over the age of 50, and the state of the property market.

Is Largo FL nice?

The largo community is really friendly, and the surrounding areas are fairly pleasant. There are several sites to see, yet it is seldom too crowded. There’s always something to do, and the schools in the area are excellent as well. Largo is unquestionably the greatest city in the whole county of Pinellas.

Does Key Largo have good beaches?

Long considered the most popular beach in Key Largo, Far Beach is located near Mile Marker 120 in the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, near the entrance to the park. Key Largo’s water is unusually warm and shallow, making it ideal for paddling or swimming with little children on this specific beach.

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What is there to do in Key Largo at night?

Visiting Key Largo and spending the night at the breathtaking Jules Undersea Lodge is an experience that will remain in your memory forever. The only underwater hotel in the United States, it is located at the bottom of Emerald Lagoon and can only be reached by scuba diving down to its entrance, which is six meters below the surface of the water.

Who lives in Largo Florida?

The majority of Largo’s population is Caucasian, with Whites accounting for 78 percent of the city’s total population (see table below). Hispanics are the second biggest ethnic group in Largo, accounting for 12 percent of the city’s total population. There are also tiny Black and Asian communities in the city. The gender ratio of Largo is biased towards women, with 51 percent of the population being female.

What time do the fireworks start at Largo Central Park?

The gates will open at 7 p.m., and the fireworks show will begin at around 9 p.m. (weather permitting.) There will be no need for tickets because general admission seating will be provided for free.

Is Largo south of Tampa?

Largo is the third-largest city in Pinellas County, Florida, and is a component of the greater Tampa Bay area. It is located in the state of Florida. It is the county’s crossroads, and it is strategically positioned.

What is there to do in Clearwater Florida for free?

Clearwater Beach has a plethora of free activities.

  • 1. Clearwater Beach and Pier 60.
  • 6. Cleveland Street District.
  • 7. Sand Key Park.
  • 8. Moccasin Lake Nature Park.
  • View all Photos. 1. Clearwater Beach and Pier 60. The Florida Botanical Gardens are located in Tampa, Florida. Florida Botanical Gardens.
  • See all of the photos. Clearwater Beach Marina.
  • See all of the photos.
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