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How Far Is Coconut Grove From The Beach? (Solved)

Yes, the distance between Coconut Grove and South Miami Beach is 12 miles in a driving direction. The drive from Coconut Grove to South Miami Beach takes approximately 18 minutes.

Does Coconut Grove have a beach?

The closest beach to Coconut Grove is Crandon Park, which is located near Key Biscayne and may be reached by automobile.

Is Coconut Grove a nice area?

Coconut Grove is considered to be one of the safest neighborhoods in Miami. The neighborhood is under constant police surveillance and boasts one of Miami’s lowest crime rates. Aside from having a large number of gated or walled residences, the Grove also has a significant number of (waterfront) gated communities for individuals looking for the most extreme level of safety for their families.

Which is better Coral Gables or Coconut Grove?

It should be noted that Coral Gables is normally a little bit more cheap than Coconut Grove, despite the fact that the top-end of the market indicates greater sales prices in Coral Gables than in Coconut Grove. In comparison to the Grove, Coral Gables has a greater concentration of Waterfront and Gated Communities, making their high-end of the market less affordable.

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What is Coconut Grove known for?

Coconut Grove, which is a part of the City of Miami and is affectionately referred to as “The Grove” by locals, is one of the hippest, most active, and most welcoming neighborhoods in South Florida. It is home to the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, as well as fine hotels, the Miami Science Museum, as well as CocoWalk, a retail and dining center in Coconut Grove.

Is Coconut Grove worth visiting?

Coconut Grove is a lovely neighborhood located south of downtown Miami’s business district. It features a large number of restaurants and stores where you may spend at least half a day browsing. The pace is significantly slower here than it is in other sections of the city. It’s entertaining to simply go around and observe folks.

Is Brickell or South Beach better?

Nonetheless, whereas Brickell has a much more urban feel, being surrounded by tall modern buildings, South Beach has a more quaint seaside feel, with smaller shops and boutiques, as well as more parks and greenspaces, beaches with strollable promenades, and the breathtaking greenery of the delightful Miami Beach Botanical Garden, among other attractions.

Is Coconut Grove safe at night?

Even at night, there are no significant safety concerns in that vicinity. South Bayshore Drive is a somewhat active route, with people walking their dogs, running, and doing other activities well into the evening and early morning hours. 3. In regards to the Coconut Grove hotel of choice, how secure is it for a lady strolling alone?

Is Coconut Grove expensive?

The average sales price per square foot (SQ/FT) was $431.92. The median sales price per square foot (SQ/FT) was $393.70. Days on the market: 176 on average / 99 on average. 3811 Bayside Ct. is the highest-priced sale of 2019.

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What is the best part of Coconut Grove?

CocoWalk. Visitors and residents alike go to CocoWalk, which is one of the most famous attractions in the city of Coconut Grove. There are movies, stores, cafés, and restaurants of various kinds on the third level of this commercial complex, which is extended across three storeys.

Is Coral Gables a good place to stay?

Coral Gables came in second place because of its low crime rate, variety of excellent schools, and availability of outdoor activities. After a hard day at work or school, Coral Gables is the ideal location for you to relax and unwind. The city is an excellent location for raising a family. It boasts one of the lowest rates of crime in the whole nation.

What is there to do in Coconut Grove at night?

The best Top 10 activities to do at night around Coconut Grove, Miami, FL are listed below.

  • 70 reviews for The NightGarden at Fairchild Garden, which is 5.1 miles away.
  • Coconut Grove, which is 0.6 miles away.
  • The Wharf Miami, which is 3.1 miles away.
  • Venetian Pool, which is 2.6 miles away.
  • Vizcaya Museum Gardens, which is 1.4 miles away.
  • The Social Hub Miami, which is 3.2 miles away.

Does Coconut Grove have a downtown?

Dinner Key Marina is a wet slip marina located in the heart of Coconut Grove’s historic downtown district. It is the largest marina in Florida.

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